Friday, April 11, 2008

Email Excerpts

The following missive came from an email one of my friends sent me earlier this week. Sometimes the inbox contains priceless jewels of bloggability.

From: Guy Friend
To: LJ

Hey Chica...

So, I didn't get a chance to tell you the other night about my Chili Cook Off. It was exciting. Ok, now onto the thing that made me think of you. Our individual project teams had special names that were associated with whatever Chili we were cooking and/or the theme we were trying to portray. Our Admin staff, not on a specific project team, cooked hot dogs for the kids rather than the chili. Their team name was "LJ and The Pups". It cracked me up just a bit. I imagined that you were in a poodle skirt and all your girls were wearing cutesy, pink dog collars doing a little doo-wop behind you...if you could only see the mental picture I had...

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