Friday, March 07, 2008


I don't see my pet ladybug today. I can't tell if she's just hiding under a leaf or if she has permanently relocated.

The Houston Chronicle linked to my blog this week. Apparently someone on their editorial page liked my story about helping Chief Bradford get out of the parking lot. My blog hits have already gone up.

I'm going to the rodeo tonight. Four white girls are going to see John Legend on Black Heritage Day. Got a problem with that? Incidentally, although I was born and raised in Texas, I do not own cowboy boots or a hat.

ER was so much better than Grey's Anatomy could ever hope to be.

Dancing with the Stars starts in just over a week! This is my one 'reality tv' indulgence. I don't even watch AI.

Wedding season is still in full swing. The end is nowhere near in sight. Pray hard.


Nancy Mon said...

Last year Dena, Peggy and I went to Black Heritage night with Lisa Pierre. Dena was given the tickets. Lisa said it was Black Heritage night with three of her white friends. It's all good.

Brother said...

Even I, the one member of this family that has never watched Dancing with the Stars, am going to watch at least part of the show. Why? First off: Penn Gillette. Dude is funny, and I can't imagine him going on this show without doing at least 1 magic trick and making some sort of political remark.

And after that had already decided it for me, I found out my first true love is going to be on the show!

Mindy said...

OOH.. I'm jealous you're going to the rodeo! It was so much fun last year! Well.. until they told me how they actual make the bulls buck... that's not so cool!

And I'm stoked for DWTS too! I've accurately picked the winners the past 2 seasons... I am a bit bummed that there's not a classic 80's-90's TV sitcom icon though- but i'll make it through rooting for Kristi Yamaguchi and Monica Seles!