Saturday, March 22, 2008

From our Moscow Bureau

A friend of mine recently moved to Russia. He'll be appearing on the QQ as a guest blogger from time to time. Here's his first update.

All is well here in Moscow. It's getting warmer every day. But with the warmer air, the snow is turning to rain. I've brought my dress shoes to work so that they won't be ruined. I wear my hiking boots to the office and then change when I get here. It all sounds good until you see me on the metro or walking down the street in a suit and hiking boots.

Also, I went and had Mexican food on Saturday. While it wasn't bad for Moscow, it was probably the worst Mexican food I've had in my life. They made me quesadillas with salami and cheese inside (pretty gross). They also made me a big bowl of guacamole. It smelled just like B.O. In fact, I thought it was me at first.

~The Moscow Correspondent

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Alyssa said...

Mexican food in Russia...hmmm. Sounds like an experience!