Thursday, March 13, 2008

Facebook Friends and other inaccuracies

I have 169 friends on Facebook. This is terribly misleading. Quite a large number of my Facebook friends aren't actually friends at all, but rather acquaintances or people I have met here and there. And there's quite a large number of close friends of mine who aren't on Facebook at all. That said, one actual for-real friend pointed out to me the other day that he and I have 104 Facebook friends in common. Pretty impressive.

I promised to deliver on some movie reviews. (Note to self:
return movies tonight.)
I watched Becoming Jane on Monday. I had every expectation of loving it.
I hated it.

That has to be one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. As a historical film, it got about 2% of the facts right. They spelled Austen's name correctly...that's about it. I was very frustrated. So I decided to stop thinking of it in terms of Austen's life and start thinking of it as simply a period romance.
I still hated it.

Several girls told me how good this movie was. That it was "sweet," "cute," "romantic" etc...
I wish women would start thinking critically about the movies they watch. Think about what the movie is really portraying. It's more than just a romance between a sexy actor and a beautiful actress. Who are these characters? Why are they doing what they do? Are they teaching you anything about human character?

In Becoming Jane the answers to those questions are disappointing at best and destructive at worst. We see a willful girl who recklessly throws away her good reputation, breaks trust with her family, betrays her engagement to another man and consents to run away with her lover. We see her lover who is a known scoundrel with a history of drinking, gambling and whoring, who jilts her because she doesn't have any money and then later convinces her to take him back so they can run away together.

And somehow this is supposed to be romantic, touching and noble.

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