Friday, February 29, 2008

The Liberal Media Rules!

My job is so great. Yesterday I was taking a ride on the McCain train and following the "Straight Talk Express." Today I was part of "Change We Can Believe In" where you can Barack the Vote. Apparently I'm a flip-flop-er.

One of the really great things about working in radio is how it allows us to share perspectives from normal, everyday people.

Every once in a while my network will do profile pieces on famous fictional characters. (A few weeks ago they profiled Darth Vader.) This week, a reporter profiled the infamously corrupt evangelist Elmer Gantry. I listened to the piece, wondering how the reporter would address the themes of sin, hypocrisy, faith and redemption. I literally cheered out loud when I heard who he interviewed for the piece - a group of students at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.

The students ran with the opportunity to share the gospel! Christ's sacrifice and salvation was made known to millions of people through this one little story. I highly recommend you listen to the whole piece.

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Phil said...

I just read the article by Noah Adams and said that the author's funeral was in 1951, did he actually have a funeral 12 years before he died? C.S. Lewis died the same day as J.F.K. (November 22, 1963)