Monday, November 05, 2007

Department of Shameless Promotion

Pushing Daisies is one of the best new shows on network television. Seriously. I don't watch much TV because there's not much TV worth watching. But this show is just delightful. I was intrigued by the critical reviews and the plot premise. So I decided to tune in to the episode premiere. I have not been disappointed yet. The show is a combination of quirk, whimsy, murder mystery and good old-fashioned love story. It's a sort of fairy tale for grown-ups. The characters are lovable, but flawed enough to not be sickening. The humor is dark and irreverent without being trashy, cheap or stupid. And the sets and special effects are as lavish, delectable and toothsome as a piece of pie. And I love that ABC provides all the episodes free online. So if I miss a week, I can watch the full episode on my laptop any time I choose.

Pushing Daisies has the Laurie Seal of Approval.

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Shanna said...

It is my favorite new show of the season! I loves it.