Monday, October 22, 2007


It's a blustery day. That's a Winnie-the-Pooh phrase. I've always liked the word "blustery." Makes me think of cold drizzly days on an English hillside. I need a spot of tea and a hot buttered scone. This kind of day calls for a good Agatha Christie mystery.

Dumbledore is gay. Hmmm. I suppose JK Rowling can do whatever she wants with her fictional characters. But I confess I'm a bit surprised that she would attempt to work this element into the plot of the kindly professor. Makes his relationship with Harry seem a little suspect. Maybe someone should inspect his computer files. I'd hate to find out Dumbledore's intense interest in his young male student was more than just academic.

I don't really celebrate Halloween. But I do love a good bunny cartoon.

I'm so sleepy right now that I actually have a headache directly related to the crunchy droopy feeling in my eyelids. Getting up at 4am has that effect on me. Plus I'm back to the same dilemma I have every year at this time: do I take a nap or just go to bed reeeeaaaalllly early?

I bought three new dresses, one blouse and two pairs of shoes yesterday. I'm going to return one pair of shoes. I thought they were on sale for $15. I checked my receipt and they rang up $35. I don't want them for that price. I also found a dress for $14.95. It needs some slight alterations as it is too large in a couple spots, but I figured at that price I can afford to have it tailored.

I'm just not sure how I feel about the contrasting opaque tights with heels trend.

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