Thursday, October 11, 2007

Please, No Jokes

I am sitting at my desk, minding my own business, and my bra just popped open.


Carissa said...

you got dressed in a hurry, huh?!? Well, at least you weren't at the Galleria like Dana! :)

jhaas said...

lol, thats just the worst, well alright, it could have been worse. It happened to me once while I was being called to the stage to receive an award! I didnt know what to do!

Nancy Mon said...

Maybe the girls wanted out to enjoy the fall weather.

Dana said...

You know you beg for a joke when you begin with "Please, no jokes."

Someone will make one...

Something about Laverne & Shirley is on the way I just know it...

EBay said...

After Dana's comment, I had to look up the lyrics to "Making Our Dreams Come True" (the Laverne & Shirley theme song). I think this pretty much sums it up:

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
Schlimiel, schlimazel, hasenpfeffer, incorporated.
We're gonna do it!
Give us any chance we'll take it,
Read us any rule, we'll break it.
We're gonna make our dreams come true.
Doin' it our way!
Nothing's gonna turn us back now,
Straight ahead and on the track now.
We're gonna make our dreams come true,
Doin' it our way!
There's nothing we won't try,
Never heard the word "impossible."
This time there's no stopping us,
We're gonna do it!
On your mark, get set, and go now,
Gotta dream and we just know now.
We're gonna make that dream come true.
And we'll do it our way, yes, our way,
Make all our dreams come true.
And we'll do it our way, yes, our way,
Make all our dreams come true
For me and you.

dr dizzle said...

I just want to know either: 1) who walked by just as it happened or 2) who you were thinking about at the time?

I've heard that these incidents are sometimes related...

thekisers said...

that is hilarious!!!

Pluto said...

As a male, I'm not sure how to comment appropriately on your misfortune! However, it did catch my attention and make me want to read your other blogs which were fun.

Abby said...

Umm yeah, this happenned to me at work too... the empty (no-windowed) conference room became my best friend in a hurry :P