Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm blushing...

Transcript of an email I received last night:

Dear Sirs,

When Laurie Johnson speaks Spanish, particularly the names of traveling restaurants, it makes me want to give KUHF many pesos!
Do not hide this treasure any longer. I would appreciate a daily podcast of Ms Johnson reading restaurant names in Spanish.

Pablo Taco
Keeper of many pesos


Ulovebeth said...

Let me see.
Start with:
Cyclone Ananyas (sp?)
Taco Milagro
Taco Cabana
El Tiempo
100% Taquito
Hollywood Mexican Restaurant

Many pesos. That is so great.

gL said...


You have a novio you're not telling us about Miss Johnson?

Dana said...

Espanol es muy delicioso!

You are going to habla a lot now aren't you?