Friday, August 17, 2007


Yesterday was insane. I have the kind of job that actually requires me to go out and drive around in the worst weather, while the rest of you are safe inside and wondering whether you'll get off of work early.

I got to experience one of the scariest moments of my life. I was driving down the Gulf Freeway feeder road, crested a hill and came down the other side. There were tons of cars everywhere and I couldn't see much ahead. In fact, I couldn't even tell there was deep water over the road...until I was already in it. So there I am, in my little Saturn, with flood waters rising around me. It was Biblical, I gotta tell ya.

I had to make a decision. Stay there and let the waters rise and potentially flood out my car? Or drive forward and hope the water didn't get too much deeper? I opted for driving forward. The water was so high that the wake actually came up over the hood of my car. I was nearly in tears and literally saying out loud "Jesus, please help me, please get me through, oh God help me." It was a "Jesus, take the wheel" moment.

The water got a bit deeper, but then just a foot or two ahead the road started to incline. I kept driving and finally made it to higher ground, pulled over, cried, and then called in a live report for the noon news. All while letting my engine run and noting that the water actually came into my car and my floorboards were wet. I was pretty shaken up for a few hours after that.

So I'm not going to work today or Monday. I refuse. Okay, maybe it's just because I had already scheduled these two days off and am driving up to Dallas to visit Vanessa. But it sure comes at a good time. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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gL said...

Well I'm glad you will have some free time and I'm glad we got to dance again last night... it's been too long.