Thursday, August 02, 2007

A New Title...and More Muppets

I have a new title: Culinerd. That's a combination of the words "culinary" and (obviously) "nerd." I earned this title after making what I thought was an innocent and off-hand remark about the slight flavor of fennel seeds that I detected in a friend's entree. To be exact, the fennel seeds were in the Italian sausage which was part of the stuffing inside the chicken breast which made up the primary element of the entree. But I digress. As soon as the words "fennel seeds" were out of my mouth, a hush fell over the table as my friends looked at me, mouths agape, forks suspended in mid-air and then proceeded to laugh uncontrollably and mock me for what they termed my culinerd sensibilities.

Laugh all you want, you Cookery Commoners! You Pabulum Plebeians! You Viand Vulgars! Laugh all the way to my dinner table, where your laughter will be silenced as you ruminate upon your misdeeds and masticate the victuals set before you.

A Famous Culinerd

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