Friday, August 24, 2007

My Week: Blog Version

Unconsummated relationships suck. See Pepsi entry.

I adore my red patent leather clutch.

Doing something hastily can sometimes be mistaken for doing something hatefully.

Drama with three guys in the span of one week makes for a very emotional week.

God supplies all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. And His timing is perfect, too.

I love to cook. But not for myself. Except when I invent something new like roasted figs with goat cheese and cracked pepper.

There should be more farmers' markets in Houston.

Bridget is a very cute name. Any girl named Bridget should have a few freckles on her nose.

I miss having a kitty.

I love my Big Little Brother.

I met Stuart Little.

If I could have any job in the world, I'd be a songwriter.

I'm not sure if I live alone or have a roommate.


Jeanine said...

My kitty is in Houston for the time being. You are welcome to borrow her for a bit if you'd like.

She likes to purr when you rub her head...but don't rub her belly...she's a weird kitty that doesn't like that.

David Hillburned said...
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