Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Comedy is like quicksilver. It changes in a flash as the whims and caprice of the current generation dictate what is funny. It morphs into something unrecognizable, yet oddly familiar. It borrows, steals, cajoles, beckons and...ok...ok...enough philosophical mumbo jumbo. Here's what I'm getting at.

The double-aughts have their Will Ferrell.
The 90s had their Jim Carrey.
The 80s had their...well...perhaps the 80s are best left out of this. At least with regards to comedy.
But the 70s had the man who I believe will be remembered as one of the comedic geniuses (and Renaissance men) of the 20th century.

He can dance. And then he can dance.
He can play banjo. For real.

And he's just really funny.

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