Thursday, May 31, 2007

Absolutely Ridiculous

I bought the most ridiculous pair of shoes the other day. I was at DSW looking for a pair of stylish, but sensible, black heels for work outfits. Just as I was about the leave the store, my glance fell on a pair of shoes that literally caused me to catch my breath. It was like love at first sight. I tried to stay grounded, reminding myself that they probably weren't my size and even if they were, they would probably be out of my price range.
But love doesn't listen to reason.
I picked up the box and discovered to my joy that they were my size. (Okay, they're actually a little big. I wear a 7. These are a 7 1/2.) They're probably way too expensive, I thought. I checked the price tag. They were marked 40% off of an already reduced price. In fact, with the reductions they would end up costing less than $40. Could it be possible? Does love ever work this way? It's true, dear friends. Some stories do have happy endings. Some people are lucky enough to have their dreams come true. And some shoes can make a girl happy.

The above shoe is NOT an example of a stylish, but sensible, black heel.


Aimee said...

Love them! Last time I was in DSW I had a simiar situation, however mine weren't less than $40...and they're something I wouldn't normally times!

Alyssa said...

I'm learning to be more adventurous in my shoe tastes. But I'm not sure I'll ever be *that* adventurous! :)

gL said...

I think they're hot Laurie... I remember noticing them the other day at the party