Monday, September 25, 2006

Population of the World

Nominal Christians: 1.2 billion
Muslims: 1.2 billion
Secular Religions: 938 million
Hindus: 820 Million
Active Christians: 680 million
Buddhists: 400 million
Chinese Folk Religions: 383 million
Tribal Religions: 176 million
Other: 95 million

Out of all those groups, an estimated 2 billion people are completely unreached with the gospel of Christ. One of these unreached groups is the Baluch. The Baluch people are Sunni Muslims who live in regions dominated by Shiite Muslims. There are 4.5 million Baluch living primarily in Pakistan and some scattered in Iran, Turkmenistan, the Gulf States and Sweden. There are only ten known Baluch Christians in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Wondering,,,Are these ten Real Baluch? Do they know Baluchi Language.I doubt.