Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Taking My Vows

Last night I had dinner with all seven sides of Shanna. At least, I think all seven sides of her were there...I'll have to check and make sure. Anyway, the very young high-school hostess who seated us kept giving me odd glances and staring at me. As I sat down, she said "you look just like my chemistry teacher!" I laughed and said chemistry would be the last thing you would ever find me teaching. Throughout the evening, high-school hostess would pass by our table and stare at me. One time she walked by and said "Hi again. Is this your first time to eat here? I've never seen you here before." A few minutes later she referred to herself as "teacher's pet." When we left, she called after me "Goodbye, Teacher!" The funniest part is she attends a Catholic school. So I not only look like her chemistry teacher...I look like her chemistry teacher who happens to be a nun!

Call me Sister Laurie Elizabeth


Shanna said...

Sister Laurie Elizabeth. So not sexy. Especially with the habit.

jhaas said...

^^what habit? ...sounds devastating!
i went to Catholic School too, and i think you might favour a nun i knew... Sister Laurie Elizabeth.

think more about the linked xanga!