Monday, June 19, 2006

Hurry up...and hurry up

I'm no longer bored. Now I am stressed. My back and shoulders are hurting because that's where I carry my tension. My noon presser with the judge and mayor triggered a whole pile of memories from covering Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I think I've blogged about this before. Journalists are a little bit like doctors. We look at the job that needs to be done and push down the emotions that go along with it. I don't have time to freak out over the shuttle falling out of the sky. I have to cover the debris field and attend press updates and get the facts out to the public. But six or eight months later, something will happen to trigger those emotions and I have to deal with them. It seems today's flooding and emergency responses are the trigger for the stuff I didn't deal with during Katrina and Rita. Just seeing the mayor and judge standing there, briefing the community on the emergency, was enough to bring it all back.

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Eye Doctor Justin said...

Blessings on the close of a tough day.