Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Me Again

I can't do any work right now. The program we use to write our news reports in is down and they can't figure out what's wrong. This means all the work I've already done may be lost. I saved it, but the tech guy thinks the program wasn't even connecting to a network, so it may not have actually saved. Fantastic.

But there is good news. Roger Clemens has signed with the Astros to play out the 2006 season. I was at Starbucks on Sunday morning and read "The Way I See It" quote on the cup. Here's what it said.

"It's often said that baseball is life, or is like life, or that going to a baseball game is like going to church. Piffle. Baseball is like baseball, and that's plenty good enough because nothing else is quite like baseball." ~Rob Neyer, columnist

That is my second favorite Starbucks cup quote.

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EBay said...

I intend to start using the expression "piffle" in as many everyday conversations as I can. :-)