Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Getting the message

I think maybe God is trying to tell me something. I think He's trying to tell me to get out of Houston's cutest hellhole while I still have life and limb.

Yesterday evening I was preparing to go for a walk. I had just finished lacing up my tennis shoes, grabbed my best friend (ipod nano) and was about to walk out of my room...when my light fixture dropped from the ceiling and landed on the floor just inches in front of me. Literally, if I had been standing three inches to the west it would have crashed onto my head. I stood there, dumbfounded. Then I just started laughing. If I don't laugh, I will cry.


dovie said...

It really and truly is a hellhole, let's just face it. I mean, people think we're just being funny. And while it does cause endless amusement, for the LOVE people!

I'm glad you weren't 3 inches back. ;)

Kristen said...

oops...didn't mean to sign on as Dovie. ;) That was me!


kelly said...

Your place reminds me of the "House on Haunted Hill" and "Joe's Apartment" all in one - scary. Is there some way to get out of the lease?

Shanna said...

To quote a very wise woman: "Your life is an acid bath."

Justin said...

I know. I'll trade with all of you. You three can move into my apartment and I can move into your 'hellhole'. I'll even let you pay my rent and I can pay yours. We can just go ahead and leave the furniture where it is now. I'll even take the wine racks with Country magazine in them.