Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Dear Blog,

It's another fabulous day in my life where everyone wants to be me. Sometimes my popularity and success is a heavy burden to bear, but I remind myself that I have to be glamorous and exciting for all the little people out there. I can't forget them. So I go on shouldering the burden of fame to bring light and happiness to all the people who only have normal lives.

Sometimes people think that because I am a glamorous radio reporter, life is always perfect. But it's not. For instance, right now my "service engine soon" light is on in my car. There's nothing perfect about that. In fact, my car has been acting funny for a while now. It does this weird thing when I accelerate where it sometimes starts shuddering and takes a while to increase speed. And yesterday it was just idling and it shuddered again and I thought the engine was about to die. So Blog, there's a lesson to be learned from this also: don't stop hanging out with boys because one of them might be able to fix my car. I guess I spoke too soon yesterday.


Troy said...

I know at least one "boy" who won't be able to fix your car.

Laurie said...

This turns my universe upside down. Are you telling me that you can't fix all of my problems? I don't know how to process this information.

Jen said...

My car was doing that and it turned out to be the fuel pump. Might wanna have that checked out considering I'm not fixing mine and have been carless for almost a month.

Kristen the roommate said...

Laurie, my car's service engine light turned on while I was driving to the airport on my way to D.C. I ignored it and a few days later it went off. :)

I've been told that the light can turn on when air mixes with the gas if you just filled up and it will work itself out. That must have been it. Did you just fill up?