Thursday, April 20, 2006

Random Things

I am going to plagiarize Troy's concept of listing off observations and supply you with my own list of random things today.

1. I feel weird about my birthday
2. I don't feel weird about fun birthday cards, especially ones with roaches on them
3. Hair Dryers can spark hours of entertainment
4. Last night I "had plans" AND a boy bought my dinner
5. Two words: Sweetie Pie
6. For the next few weeks I plan to expand my vocabulary of military terms
7. There is no reason to craft your own underwear
8. Certain things should just NOT be part of the public domain
9. Car repairs are not fun
10. My day is all messed up because I can't dance in these shoes
11. Narnia Geeks ROCK!
12. My occasional lack of self-awareness can lead to startling observations (bouncing is not cool)
13. Two more words: Pirates and T-Shirts
14. I have the best job and boss in the world
15. Don't hate
16. Sometimes I glow in the dark


Anonymous said...

I really want to know about the glow in the dark thing. That sounds wayyyy cool. And I want to whiten my teeth so that they glow in the dark. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

15. can we hate sin?

Kristen the roommate said...

Beth, you can't use white strips for another 6 months...let it go! ;)

the other Justin said...

Observations on Observations:
-Narnia Geeks indeed do rock
-hair dryers should not spark hours of entertainment unless said hair dryer is actually emiting sparks
-Pirates DEFINETELY arrrrr cool!

Silvia said...
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Silvia said...

For #1, and since we're relatively new "blog friends," you'll have to tell me when your birthday is--how old will you be?

not-so-anonymous said...

Rats! I thought your birthday was next week!

Troy said...

Are #7 and #8 related? I sure hope #6 and #7 are not related. When I read those two, I thought of "going commando," and that really isn't a pleasant thought. Especially if it is in the public domain.

Laurie said...

Beth, glowing in the dark requires vampire-pale skin and a touch of moonlight. I manage to glow on a regular basis.

Silvia, my birthday is tomorrow (the 22nd) which means I will be 27 years old and officially in my "late" 20s.

Troy, since #6 is about you, you should know whether it's related to #7. I refrain from elaborating in the interests of privacy.

Troy said...

For the record, #7 and #8 have NOTHING to do with #6!