Thursday, April 13, 2006


The pressure is just too intense. It would appear that I have reached my blogging pinnacle. I have been noted on Steven's blog as having one of the best blogs (based on frequency of posting). Do you have any idea what this does to me psychologically?! I am only 26 and I have already reached the top in my blogging career!

There's nowhere to go but down from here. I can't fail to disappoint. There will come a day when I will miss posting, and then it will all be over. My 2.7 readers will drift. Oh sure, at first they will check faithfully every hour to see if I've posted anything. But by the end of the day when they realize they're not gettin' any, they will turn to other blogs to fulfill them. My blog will be meaningless and abandoned. Gone will be the days of blog-comments. No more will I hear the words "Hey, I was reading your blog the other day." People will mock me. I will end up depressed, sad and lonely...just me and my 7 cats, knitting my days away in solitude.


Anonymous said...

I will never stop reading your blog, you are the first I turn to when I open Dovie's blog every morning, please don't stop, you make my day. :)
BTW I have two cats to start your collection. :)

Justin said...

Its just a blog Laurie. Its not like we will stop being your friends or anything. I think the transition for a washed up blogger is easier for a washed up athlete, super-hero or assassin. You will be fine.

Todd Richards said...

Laurie, I wouldn't take blog advice from Justin... he has ONE entry on his blog. You may not need to blog daily... but any less than 4 times a week, and we will have an intervention for you. Seriously.