Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Thanks to all the people who had suggestions for how to handle the current roach situation. Apparently Raid has many uses: kills roaches; kills flies; freshens carpets. And whoever had the idea of duct taping the cup to the floor was brilliant. That's what we did, sort of.

Dinah decided it would be a great idea to slide an index card under the cup, thereby enabling her to transport the roach out of her room. But she was afraid the index card would slip and allow the beast to escape. So she taped the edges of the cup to the index card and carried the whole thing to the trash. I freaked out. Although he was taped into a cup...there was a LIVE ROACH IN OUR TRASH CAN! Not to mention FOUR dead roaches scattered throughout the house (I found another one when I got home from work).

Fortunately for us, a knight in shining armor dropped by for a visit and vanquished our dragons (i.e. swept up the roaches and took the trash out). So our domicile is roach-free at the moment. Let the nightmare end.


dovie said...

So how long of a lease did you guys sign on this place? And what are the deal-breaker clauses...I know I'd be doing some SERIOUS checking into any possible get-out-of-jail-free cards?

Troy said...

Apparently, there are quite a few "knights in shining armor" running around Houston these days.

wannabe knight said...

but not all are given the chance to be dragonslayers at the haunted fortress of doom :(

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I am so sorry my bug killers did not get rid of the "little demons", you may want to give them a call to come and as my mom used to say "Lick their calf over". I would think they would do it for free. Lord help these girls get rid of this nightmare.