Monday, March 06, 2006

Handy-Man Found

The dryer is repaired. If I were really smart I would have taken pictures to document the event. It was quite an entertaining process for me, but I was only the fabulous assistant. I think the primary repairman didn't have nearly as much fun as I did. In case you ever want to replace your own dryer belt you will need the following items.

a torque screwdriver set
a crescent wrench
a flashlight
a fabulous assistant
chopsticks (I am not making this up)
and a wonderful friend

If you have all those things, your dryer will be working like new in at least two days.


k said...

T-holla, did you ever know that you are my hero? Everything I want to be. You take me higher than an eagle. Dude, your the wind beneath my wings.

T Holla said...

No offense or anything, K, but that song makes me want to barf.

D said...

Wow, go Troy!

kristen brown said...

Troy, you are awesome. I've yet to TRY the dryer, but I believe Laurie when she says it works.

How are you with Air Conditioners?

Troy said...

Kristen, I know I am awesome, but I'm not awesome enough to work on air conditioners.