Thursday, March 02, 2006

Calling a Handy-Man

So...any of you guys out there know how to replace a belt in a dryer? We (the three roomies) think we know how to do it...but we all know where thinking gets us sometimes. Here are the directions that I just received. Sounds simple enough. What do y'all think? Anyone care to place bets on whether Laurie, Kristen and Dinah can manage this one? We could even invite people over to watch the comedy ensue.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 min - 2 hours depending on your dryer and skill

Here's How:
1. Unplug the dryer from the outlet. It's crucial that the power is OFF before you take apart the dryer or open the top.
2. Open the top of the dryer. You may need to unscrew a top-mounted lint filter.
3. Remove the screws from the front on the inside.
4. Check to see if the belt is frayed or broken. Check all the way around it if you don't see a problem right away. If it is damaged, you'll need to buy a new one. If not -- the problem could be something besides the dryer belt.
5. Write yourself a note with your dryer's model number and serial number to take to the store or search for a replacement on the Internet.
6. Remove the dryer drum carefully.
7. Put the belt on. It goes over the drum from the front and around the motor drive pulley and idler from the rear.
8. Replace all parts and fasteners before reconnecting power.

What You Need:
New belt


Mike said...

Sounds like something y'all can tackle. Go slowly, take a break if you start to get impatient.

I recommend taking pictures with a digital camera or cameraphone as you progress with the disassembly. That way, when you're putting it back together, you don't have one of those "Now where does THIS go?" moments.

Unless your dryer is brand new, it's gonna be plenty dusty in there.

Shanna said...

Why don't you call a dryer company? They came out to my house yesterday and it was only 60 bucks. Split three ways...piece of cake. Plus, manual labor is so unattractive. :)

Troy said...

I didn't know that watching the repair was an option. Oh, and I think you might need a nut driver or wrench in addition to a screw driver. :)