Friday, February 10, 2006

Reason # 273 Why I Love My Job

You just never know what is going to happen in this business. I am working on a story for next week and I just felt like I needed an additional element to add, but didn't know quite what I was looking for. My source for the story dealt with very theoretical concepts and I really wanted to find something or someone that could give me a tangible project regarding this topic. What to do, what to do.

So today I was given an assignment to go to a luncheon to hear what a local speaker had to say on a particular subject. The luncheon was predictably boring and the topic was predictably stale. But I was seated at a table and began casually conversing with the woman next to me. It turns out we had some mutual acquaintances and knowledge of similar people and places. Then I asked her about her job and this is where I got excited. She is working on a project for the City of Houston that directly correlates to the aforementioned story. The issues were the same and the concepts were the same, but my story lacked the one element that she was able to provide. So after the luncheon I did an interview with her and now my story is complete!

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Anonymous said...

good story. in other news...i just realized that your blog address is 'flaminlarry' many questions, so many questions...