Monday, February 27, 2006


So I was in the Starbucks on Woodway and Voss waiting for my grande, non-fat, no whip peppermint mocha, when I overheard a conversation between two people. Well, I couldn't help overhearing it because the man was talking so loud that the whole store became an unwilling audience. The conversation was clearly between two acquaintances who ran into each other during the morning coffee run. Here's how the conversation went.

Loud Man says to Middle-aged Woman: Hey there!! How are you?!
Middle-aged Woman: Doing well, how are you?
Loud Man: Hey, what happened to your eye? What caused that big bruise?
Middle-aged Woman: mumbles something inaudible
Loud Man: What did you say?
Middle-aged Woman: quietly answers (I still can't hear what she said)
Loud Man: BOTOX!!! BOTOX did that to your eye??!!
Middle-aged Woman: yes, they say it can cause some bruising.
Loud Man: Geez! I can't believe Botox can do that! That's really bad!

By this point in the conversation I had my coffee and exited the building. I bet Middle-aged Woman was fuming and wishing Loud Man would shut up and leave her alone. I almost felt bad for her...but then I changed my mind.


Anonymous said...

it just goes to show you that even things that seem good may have not so good posibilities associated with them.

that was kind of poor form on the guy's part...

kelly said...

The middle aged woman should get "Line Arrest" from Beauticontrol instead of Botox. It won't cause bruising ;).

EBay said...

Laurie, I miss reading your stories. I've been too busy to stay caught up on my blog reading this week. You're always so entertaining!!

Kelly - great plug for Beauticontrol. lol PS - the Line Arrest really does work, I tried it on my friend's mom on Saturday...