Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

It seems that in the span of one short weekend there are so many things to blog about. I can't even organize them in my thoughts right now, they're all running together. But there are three things at the forefront of my mind that I will attempt to flesh out.

1. This is the easy one, my iPod play list. I promised I would fill you in on the details of all my free music. You'll be jealous when you hear that the Apple Genius Dude loaded me up with TWO albums worth of...Queen: The Greatest Hits I & II. Oh yeah. There's also a full album of Eiffel65...their big hit was that one that went "I'm Blue, da-ba-dee, da-ba-die, da-ba-dee, da-ba-die...". You get the idea. There's also quite a bit of Oasis (not bad) and the Franz Ferdinand album (which is quite good). But the kicker goes to Chariots of Fire, the workout version. Now I LOVE the theme music to Chariots of Fire. But this one is set to a fast techno beat, so you can do your step aerobics to the classic runner's theme song. I'm am all about a diverse and eclectic taste in music...but seriously.

2. The fullness of Christ is in us. That was the message preached yesterday by our Pastor Emeritus Dr. John Bisagno. It was a rousing and impassioned sermon taught by a man who has lived a life of exhortation and evangelism and led one of Houston's largest congregations to be a church focused on spreading the glory and name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Bisagno taught from Col. 2:9-10. The message was simple, but so powerful. All of the fullness of the Deity dwells in Christ in bodily form. And the fullness of Christ dwells in the hearts of believers. Therefore, the fullness of God Himself is in me! I, Laurie, have the sufficiency and complete wholeness of Christ within me. I am insuffienct, but God is not. I am incomplete, but God is not. If the very nature of God is within me, then though my flesh is inadequate to the task before me, my spirit has every power and authority. What freedom there is in that message! Think on it. Meditate on the wonders of Christ within you!

3. I love my "family". After a couple of weeks off and only sporadic interaction with my friends, this weekend was filled with fellowship and hanging out with the gang. Last night I was in the midst of some of my favorite people. A group of believers who have become my family. I love them dearly and was reminded of that as I sat among them and listened to the laughter and banter. I was reminded of how important they are to me. This group encourages me. They make fun of me when I need to be brought down from my high horse. They verbalize to me how important I am to them. They encourage me in my ministry and in my personal life. They spur me on to love and good deeds. They bring out the best (and the worst ;) in me. Some of them push my buttons. Some of them pat me like I'm the family pet. Some of them do everything they can to lift me up as a Daughter of God. Each of them loves me. To my family: "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you."

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Karie said...

One of the qualities of a leader that earns my respect above all others is the ability to share personal stories that show a vulnerable side. It just shows they are human and have troubles too, and are humble enough to admit that fact. I appreciated Brother John's story about his recurring dream. It's nice to know that someone with as much experience as he has still struggles with feeling worthy. But thank the Lord, Christ is in us, and we ARE complete! What a much needed reminder that was to me!