Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Countdown to Christmas

It's only four days away! I am so excited. I have all of my shopping done except for a few little stocking stuffers. Yesterday I wandered around the Galleria for a few hours with a friend and we had a great time watching all the bustle and checking out the fun store displays. I love this time of the year and want this week to go slowly.

Incidentally, this has nothing to do with Christmas but I just saw a commercial that really pushed the boundaries of tastefulness. It was for KY Personal Touch Warming Massage and Personal Lubricant. Enough said.

Today's blogvent will include a couple of links since I haven't posted for the past couple of days. My files were in the computer.

Nothing says Christmas like candy canes, cranberries and fireplaces.


Todd Richards said...

Seriously? KY Personal Touch Warming Massage and Personal Lubricant? Yes... enough has been said. :-)

Sadly, the shopping woes are upon me. I went shopping last night... I had a plan... but the plan crumbled right in front of me. Oh well. Round 2 is tonight.. and I surely will not fail again.

Anonymous said...

In the defence of KY, their product can also be used by disabled individuals that require long term catheter use (they are changed every so often). Many patients are not aware of this and suffer needlessly.

Merry Christmas!


Karie said...

Stocking stuffers are the hardest to find! I always think it's something cute, but then I realize it's for the other person, and will they like it as much as I do? What a quandary! Hope you are enjoying your days off as much as I am! :)

For a truly fun time, watch a cable broadcast at school with a room of 8th graders and unknowingly let that KY commercial air. Let me tell you, it's a winner!

Troy said...

Oh, Laurie. Did you have to mention KY? Some many things I could say...

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