Monday, November 14, 2005

O the Weather Outside is Frightful (i.e. HOT)

But the red cups at Starbucks are so delightful. I LOVE the red cups. I walked into Starbucks last Friday and saw the holly berries and decorations everywhere and a little thrill of excitement went through me as I realized I was about to get my first red cup of the Christmas season. I took a picture of my red cup, but something is wrong with my computer and it won't recognize my digital camera right now, so I "borrowed" a picture off the Starbucks website. Check this out. Too cute. Doesn't it just make you feel warm and fuzzy? Todd sent me a text message on Sunday morning, it said..."The red cups are at Starbucks...". This text message alone is enough to demonstrate how Todd is a supremely cool and awesome person. Red cups make me happy.

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Shanna said...

Not only are the red cups at Starbuck's, but the supremely scrumptious Gingerbread is there. Heaven.