Monday, November 21, 2005


Been listening to my iPod Nano and keep coming back to this song over and over. It is such a beautiful and powerful description of self-sacrificial love.

Bring Him Home
~From Les Miserables

God on high hear my prayer.
In my need You have always been there.

He is young, he's afraid.
Let him rest, heaven-blessed.
Bring him home, bring him home.
Bring him home.

He's like the son I might have known if God had granted me a son.
The summers die one by one. How soon they fly on and on.
And I am old and will be gone.

Bring him peace, bring him joy.
He is young, he is only a boy.
You can take, you can give!
Let him be, let him live.
If I die, let me die.
Let him live.

Bring him home. Bring him home.
Bring him home.

God can take and He can give. The fact is He took my sin by giving the life and blood of His own Son, all so He could bring me home. Thank you Jesus.

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