Thursday, November 10, 2005

Home Schooling Exposed Part V

Missing out. We're all familiar with the concept. We've all had times where we heard about our friends going to a movie without us. Or a group goes on a vacation together and you're not able to join them. That feeling of being outside the circle, not part of the "joke" or just disconnected in some way.

As a home schooler I definitely experienced the "missing out" complex from time to time. But not in the way many might think. I felt like I was missing something because I was always at home with my parents and didn't get to "escape" to school like most people. I often felt I was missing out on the dating experience (I was so naive).

For home schoolers a big factor in this feeling is where you live. For all those people who home school in the rural areas it is much more difficult. There aren't that many other home schoolers around you to act as support groups and there aren't as many activities. For these families it is so vital to be actively involved in a growing fellowship of believers. Participation in church events and groups provides much of the social interaction that's necessary.

For families (like mine) who home school their children in a big city, the possibilities are almost limitless. There aren't many chances to feel like you're missing out when you grow up in Houston. This area has one of the largest, most active and most innovative home school support organizations in the country. There are field trips, mission trips, organized sports, co-op art classes, chemistry and biology labs, a home school choir, a home school theatre camp, an actual prom including a night cruise on Lake Conroe and a dance/dinner, real graduation ceremonies with key-note speakers like Alan Keyes and many other activities.

So to conclude my five part series, I would like to say that home schooling is a great endeavor. It is difficult, tedious, sometimes overwhelming and costly, but I believe it is worth it. I loved the experience and hope to be able to share the same thing with my children if God so chooses to bless me. I enjoyed this conversation and welcome your comments.


Aimee said...

That's awesome Laurie! I had no idea that support groups like that existed. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience!

Sherri said...

Thankyou Laurie,
I enjoyed that so much.
I was surprised here to learn of how large the support group is. We, too, have all of the things that are offered in the school system, only on a smaller scale. We have kindergarten/high school graduation, proms, formals, yearbooks, field trips, organized sports, etc. I feel very lucky to have this for my children.
It is so exciting to think of a new generation of parents who were actually home schooled and are now doing it for their children. I know that Madison wll have that option one day. I don't want her to feel tied to it as I want her to be able to pursue her education and dreams just as the boys are, but hope that she will feel drawn to it as you do.
Here is my Blog that I have started to share my experience with others. I have also kept journals since the children were born and have a private home schooling log that I am keeping.
I just want to share this with you.
Thankyou so much.