Friday, October 07, 2005

The Results Are In

The wildly successful Dinah blog survey is complete and the results are overwhelming! In the interests of open records and full disclosure I am posting the complete survey questions and responses here.

1. Do you think Dinah should start her own blog?

Absolutely! I can't think of anything I'd rather read than the musings of Dinah!
~ 56.25 percent

Maybe. It depends on how much of the blog will center on Calvinism vs. other tantalizing topics. ~ 37.5 percent

Not so much. I secretly want to be Dinah and plan to assume her identity.
~ 6.25 percent

Other responses:
"It depends on how much of her life will be publicized."
"Unless it's all about Calvinism, I'm not reading it."
"I am for it! What better way to disseminate the truth?"

2. If Dinah starts her own blog what do you think the best title for it would be?

A Day in the Life of a Diva
~ 27.27 percent

Sovereignty. The answer to all your questions.
~ 45.45 percent

Admit it. Dinah spoons your chili.
~ 27.27 percent

Other responses:
"A Warm Cup of Dinah"
"Just for the record..."
"Acid Bath"
"Start your day with a warm cup of Dinah...or with something else that is warm and brown and shouldn't be mentioned. Ask Murray."
"My life is an acid bath"
"I mean really people?"

3. What should Dinah's first blog topic be?

How much she loves her beautiful, talented smart roommate Laurie
~ 18.18 percent (Come on people!!!)

Thoughts on Covenant Theology vs. Dispensationalism
~ 0 percent (crickets chirping)

Columbians and the stereotype of cocaine
~ 81.82 percent (Draw your own conclusions)

Other responses:
"Spelling Colombia"
"The Pros/Cons of Self Haircuts"
"How to make tacos"
"How she came to peace with the fact that she was predestined to have a blog"
"How much she loves her ORIGINAL "sweet" roommate Kristen"

4. What would you be willing to do to get Dinah to start her own blog?

Anything. My life is in her hands.
~ 10 percent

I'll become a Calvinist.
~ 30 percent

I would do the Cabbage Patch dance in the choir loft during Sunday morning service.
~ 60 percent

Other responses:
"Take her sailing in Kemah"
"I would fill out a five question survey"
"What in the hee-haw is the cabbage patch dance?"
"Spend time taking and creating answers on a survey"
"Tell her she's incredibly sweet. Often. Like every day."

5. How satisfied are you with this survey?

Very satisfied
~ 30 percent

Extremely satisfied
~ 20 percent

A couch potato with premium cable and a full refrigerator couldn't be any more satisifed
~ 50 percent

Other responses:
"I'll only be satisified if its purposes are realized"
"Horrible interface"
"A couch potato with premium cable, a full refrigerator and Dinah couldn't be any more satisfied"
"Does this mean that there are no more questions? :("
"More satisfied than a washed-up supermodel after a round of Botox injections"


Shanna said...

I love that Dinah is now forever associated with the term acid bath.

dennis said...

so when will Dinah begin her reign as the blog queen de Columbia?