Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day One

We have started our fall-fundraising campaign, which means that every week day between now and next Friday I will be getting up at 4am to be on the air with the morning crew. Yippee. Can you sense my boundless enthusiasm? Of course the first day is always the worst, especially when you stayed up late the night before to watch your beloved baseball team lose the World Series in a four-game sweep. Doesn't make for happy mornings. But we managed to pull ourselves together and do a rousing four hours of fund-raising and set the pace for the rest of the crews throughout the day. Here's a couple of pictures taken this morning inside the studio.


dovie said...

This might be a deal-breaker for me to enter the world of journalism. I'm fundamentally opposed to getting up for anything before the numbers on the clock start with 5:_ _ am.

It's only happened once in my life, and it's very unlikely to happen again.'re a better woman than me!

Laurie said...

That's really funny Dovie. I am so glad that you have been able to maintain your standards of never getting up before 5am. I must confess I have been up during the "4s" more times than I can count. This is the life of a glamorous radio personality.