Thursday, September 29, 2005

If We Are the Body...

I can't say that Hurricane Rita taught me anything profound, but God sure did. Not only did God teach me something, but He used our pastor as His instrument of correction and instruction.

I rarely read the "First Edition" the weekly newsletter/program put out by First Baptist. But this week I decided to click on the link and read it. My eye was drawn to a small corner of the page where Pastor Gregg wrote a short note to the congregation about Jesus calming our hearts during the storm. In his final paragraph, Gregg reminds us we are here to glorify God and serve our community in His name. He said we are sometimes just to sit there and listen to a neighbor's "Rita story".

This struck home with me. I have been arrogant and self-serving. I haven't wanted to listen. Every time someone starts telling me their "Rita story" I begin to tune out. Thoughts start running through my mind like this "I've heard it all before, I know it was bad but move on, I'm so tired of this." Believe me, I am not proud of sharing those thoughts with all of you, but the Spirit has convicted me. I realize those thoughts are selfish. It doesn't hurt me at all to sit and listen to someone's experiences, and it may help them. It also may open doors to have conversations about God and His mercies. I am so grateful for God's gentle instruction in my life. So blessed by the correction of the Holy Spirit. And so encouraged by the leadership of the pastor God has placed over our church.

And if you have a "Rita story" I would love to hear it. :)

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