Friday, September 23, 2005

Hunker Down

Well I'm here in the station along with six other news staffers, two spouses, one ten-year-old, one three-year-old, three dogs and one cat. We'll be riding out the storm from here. We have a generator if the power goes down and our signal will continue to broadcast the latest updates. Of course if your power is down you can go to your trusty battery-powered radio and tune in to 88.7FM to get all the info you need.

Right now the funny part is that we are getting impatient for the storm to come. We've been covering the approach and evacuation for the past several days. Now we're stuck in the station and oddly starting to get a little bored. Reporters thrive on disaster. One blessing is that we have a truly outstanding news director. He is committed to our safety and well-being above all else. None of us will leave the building until after the storm has passed and it is safe to get outside. Furthermore, we have been told that if we get emotional or overwhelmed we should just walk away from the newsroom and take whatever time we need to stay, watch cable, sleep...whatever.

All of this leaves me with just one burning it bad that my biggest concern/gripe is that all the Starbucks have been closed for the past two days? I think Starbucks should be listed under essential services.

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